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Welcome to Lending Club’s New Investor Experience

Lending Club continues to be a leading financial innovator.

This time, we are pleased to present a completely new investor experience, giving you the tools that make it fast and easy for you to create diversified portfolios of Notes.   You can now create an investment order in seconds without sacrificing control, in 3 different ways:

1) Follow a predefined investment strategy

Lending Club: Investment Strategies

2) Target a specific interest rate

Lending Club: Invest in Interest Rate

3) Filter, review and select notes individually

Lending Club: Browse Notes

You now have the ability to use more than 25 filters to help you refine your investment strategy.  You can also save these filters, corresponding to your investment strategies, to reuse in the future.

Interested in learning more about these new tools?
Watch a video overview here>>>

We hope you enjoy using the new tools at Lending Club.  Lending Club notes are offered by prospectus filed with the SEC.   If you have any questions call Investor Services at 1-866-811-9225, or send an email to


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