Welcome Nebraska, Kansas, and Indiana Investors!

September 21, 2015

We recently welcomed residents of Nebraska, Kansas, and Indiana to Lending Club’s online credit marketplace as platform investors! To celebrate these states, which bring the total number of investor states to 36, we’d like to share some fun facts.


Nebraska is sitting on the nation’s largest underground water reserve, but what does Nebraska’s landscape have to offer?

  • Nebraska was once called “The Great American Desert” because of its great plains.
  • Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state.
  • The goldenrod was declared the state flower on April 4, 1895.


Kansas’s Dodge City is considered the windiest city in the United States, but Kansas is better known for its incredible people than for its weather.

  • Almon Stowger of El Dorado invented the dial telephone in 1889.
  • William Purvis and Charles Wilson of Goodland invented the helicopter in 1909.
  • Walter Chrysler started the car manufacturer Chrysler Corporation in 1925.


Indiana has a rich history and some of the greatest sports milestones of all time!

  • The first professional baseball game was played in Fort Wayne on May 4, 1871.
  • The first long-distance auto race in the U. S. was held May 30, 1911, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Indianapolis 500 is still held every Memorial Day weekend in the Hoosier capital city.
  • And true to its motto, “Cross Roads of America,” Indiana has more miles of interstate highway per square mile than any other state.


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