Patty McCord Talks Culture, Innovation, and Commitment to Customers

March 30, 2018

Board member, Patty McCord, joined us at LendingClub headquarters in San Francisco recently for an afternoon discussion with our Chief People Officer, Angela Loeffler, and Q&A session with LendingClub employees.

As the transformational Chief Talent Officer at Netflix for 14 years, Patty co-authored the Netflix Culture Deck – a notable HR document in Silicon Valley viewed more than 15 million times online. She is also the author of Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility. Patty has spent the last six years advising companies on how to find their cultural heartbeat. She offered the audience of LendingClub employees and executives a unique perspective on where LendingClub stands today, the opportunity that lies ahead, and what we can learn from her experiences with Netflix and other companies.

Here are a few key takeaways from the conversation:

“Maybe there are no bad ideas, just bad timing.”

Ah-ha moments don’t always spring from successes, they often come from realizing that what you thought was a great idea was, in fact, a terrible one. Patty urged creating a culture of curiosity and trust by challenging assumptions, exploring new ideas, and asking tough questions. She also urged people to periodically revisit ideas to see whether the assumptions have changed.

“The more context and clarity you have, the better judgement calls you’ll make.”

Patty ranks good judgement high on her list of what to look for in new hires. The fact is that people need to be willing and able to make good judgment calls every day. That starts with encouraging people to learn and take in as much about the business as possible.

“People love to find problems, but problem solvers are the ones who are truly valuable.”

There is little benefit to identifying a problem if you are not willing to fix it or at least challenge the underlying assumptions that went into the decision that created the problem. Problem solvers act like owners and take accountability when they see something wrong.

“Culture is what you fall back on in challenging times.”

Every business will face challenging times. Culture is crucial to weathering the storm and making good judgement calls.

“The secret to great culture and great success is to focus on your customer.”

Great companies have a steadfast commitment to understand their customers and meet their needs. That common goal and focus brings people together to accomplish great things.

If you are interested in hearing more about Patty’s take on culture, you can purchase her book here.

This event is part of a new quarterly executive speaker series that features powerful players across various industries hosted by LendingClub executives. All LendingClub employees are invited and encouraged to attend. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities within LendingClub, please visit our Careers site. We would love to have you at our next event!

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