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3 min read
types of loans 101

Our Simple Guide to the Types of Loans Available

It can often seem like having an advanced degree in financial jargon is a requirement to understanding the types…

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Marketplace Lending in a Rising Rate Environment

In this issue of Marketplace Insights, we focus on potential impacts to marketplace loans in a rising interest rate…

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3 min read
mother daughter sledding debt snowball

Debt Snowball Method: 6 Easy Steps to Decimate Debt

When you’re juggling thousands of dollars of debt, it’s easy to feel like you’re going to drop some balls.…

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3 min read
family budget planning

How to Create a Budget in 5 Simple Steps

While following a budget may sound painful, living according to a financial plan has serious advantages. Of the nearly…

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3 min read
americas financial health club

Strengthen Your Credit Muscle at America’s Financial Health Club

“I had just gone through a divorce, and the stress was killing me. I felt sick and tired all…

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5 min read
LendingClub Q4 2018 Platform Update

Q3 2018 LendingClub Platform Update

LendingClub’s credit marketplace enables borrowers to access capital at competitive rates and investors to earn competitive returns. To ensure…

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4 min read
calculating monthly costs

What is a Good Credit Score vs. a Great Credit Score?

You know you need solid credit to get ahead in life. But what is a good credit score, exactly?…

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1 min read
wrecked dirt bike

New TV Ads Reflect Most Common Reasons for a Personal Loan

As we continue building awareness around our mission to help more Americans control their debt, create better financial health,…

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3 min read
close up of a calculator

How to Stick to Your Budget Using Micro-Actions

Face it: it’s hard to get motivated to conquer your finances when you know it might mean creating and…

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2 min read
Savings habits of Americans

Poor Financial Health Linked to Lower Quality of Life

As it turns out, your financial health contributes in a big, big way to your overall enjoyment and quality…

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