LendingClub Celebrates One Year as a Digital Marketplace Bank

March 8, 2022

In March 2022, we hosted our first quarterly webinar where we celebrated our one-year anniversary as a digital marketplace bank. 

During the webinar, Anuj Nayar, our Financial Health Officer, discussed:

  • Our journey to get to where we are today 
  • Lessons learned from our 15-year history as a fintech pioneer
  • How we’re leveraging our digital marketplace bank to further our mission to help Americans on their path towards financial health
  • Our recently reported Q4 2021 and year-end earnings
  • New data on the financial health of U.S. consumers from our latest Paycheck-to-Paycheck report

A historic milestone, as one of the first fintechs to acquire a national bank we’ve paved the way for other fintechs to follow suit. With 15 years under our belt, more than 3.9 million members, and over $70 billion in loan originations, the marriage of LendingClub’s marketplace fintech business with all the benefits of being a bank is fundamentally changing the nature of our business and influencing change across the banking industry as a whole. We’re also creating something new for our members — a bank that puts the customer at the center of what we do. 

Check out the video below to learn more.

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