Think Big, Act Small, Move Fast: LCInnovate Delivers Again!

October 2, 2018

“Think Big, Act Small, Move Fast” summed up the theme for this year’s LCInnovate—LendingClub’s internal conference led by our Engineering, ProductxDesign, and Risk teams. A day of idea-sharing and networking, LCInnovate is our chance each year to step away from the day-to-day routine and push past our comfort zone.

LendingClub CTO Bahman Koohestani explains, “The ideas presented at LCInnovate represent innovation in various forms – from new ways of working, to new customer solutions using new technologies and approaches. I’m proud of the active engagement in this conference and look forward to seeing the new ways our teams will collaborate.”

LCInnovate audience

As part of a full day of activities, LendingClub employees hosted 40 different tech talks and interactive workshops on machine learning, data science, dev tools, and product. Employees gathered from all over the company to hear their colleagues present on such varied topics as, “Metrics Kung-Fu: Designing Killer Metrics for a Digital World,” “IOT Made Simple” and “How to move Mt. Fuji with Blockchain.”

“There was no shortage of creative thinking,” said one attendee. “It was impressive to see the work that went into the presentations. It’s clear there is a lot of passion here and I love that LendingClub provides an outlet for us to present ideas that lie outside of our day-to-day work. That’s what really sparks game-changing innovation.”

LendingClub employee workshop

Our VP of People Success, Maya Miller hosted Asheesh Birla, SVP of Product at Ripple for a fireside chat where they discussed Birla’s approach to solving customer problems and common misconceptions about innovation. “It’s so important to not lose sight of the vision while you’re on the journey, but if you expect to get things 100% right from the start, you’ll be set up for disappointment and you may miss the opportunity to learn,” said Birla.

Asheesh Birla Ripple

We were also joined by Ilian Georgiev, Co-Founder and CEO of Charlie Finance. A text-based service, Charlie is an “AI penguin” that helps users meet their financial goals by making real-time recommendations based on the person’s financial data and behavior. “When most people think about personal finance, it’s not about money, it’s about living,” said Ilian. “People have better lives when we take the complication out of financial decisions. They need simple and actionable advice, but only when they need it and not in the form of spreadsheets.”

Ilian Georgiev Charlie Finance

More than 10 years ago, LendingClub created a marketplace and today we are ready to unleash our tech and data-driven model into new territory. LCInnovate allows us to explore the tools and projects that will give us a competitive advantage with our technology and enhance our capabilities. It is a conference of practitioners talking to practitioners, peer to peer, engineer to engineer to spark the new ideas and approaches that will help LendingClub shape the future of finance.

LC Innovate Employee Fun

Join us!

Does this sound exciting to you?

We are always looking for talent that drives us to think in new ways as we seek to improve the lives of our customers. Our culture celebrates and supports this approach. We hire the best people from a wide variety of backgrounds, skills, and experiences to offer bold ideas and thinking. That is how we arrive at the best solutions for our customers.

If you are ready to join the Club, learn more about our current openings.

LendingClub employees and crowd

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