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Happy $400MM To Us!

We’re proud to announce that this week Lending Club passed $400 million in total loan originations, less than four months after reaching $300 million. It’s hard to visualize such a large number, and we’ve had some fun kicking around ways to understand just how much money $400 million is—for example, it could buy 100 million gallons of gas (enough to drive from San Francisco to New York 1 million times!), 200 million Slurpees, or maybe 250 Lamborghini Reventons.

But in all seriousness, reaching $400 million is a big milestone for us, and an exciting way to move into the final months of what has been a tremendous year for Lending Club. Here are some of the highlights of the last few months:

We’ve now paid investors $33,718,754 in interest as of November 2, 2011. Thanks for being a part of Lending Club. We’re thrilled to be joining with you to change the way the world thinks about borrowing and investing, and we can’t wait to celebrate the half-billion mark with you soon!

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