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First Steps in Budget-Friendly and Stress-Free Vacation Planning


Everybody likes to take a vacation. Some people get away on a regular schedule and others only when they are forced to leave work. Either way, if you like to vacation or you have reached a wall and need a break, here are the initial steps in planning a stress-free vacation, along with some budget and spending tips.

  1. Go where you have vacationed before? Or something new? This is a critical first step. If you are going to a vacation spot you have been to before, you will know what to expect and how to estimate the cost of such a vacation. While going to a new place is exciting, it will also have many more unknowns in terms of money and spending.
  2. What type of vacation do you want? There’s everything from weekend camping at a national park that is an hour away, to a full three-week international trip. Different types of trips will require different amounts of money and time invested in planning for them.
  3. Who is going? And who is paying? Many times it is best to bring other people with you to share the costs. For instance, when you’re in college and going away for spring break, it is best to plan for a group of four. This is because most hotels have two queen beds that sleep four and you will only need to rent one car. And any other expenses that come up can be divided into four, thus saving everybody money.
  4. When is the vacation? If you can plan out your vacation far in advance, you will end up saving a lot of money or having a much better and bigger vacation for the same money. Planning far in advance allows you to optimize the days of the week when you travel. You will receive better rates by not traveling during the high season and you will also have the most options available.

Making a simple travel plan is key to having a stress-free vacation and not coming back broke, or even worse, having to dip into credit cards. Start well ahead of your expected vacation, do your homework and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable vacationing can be.

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