Improvements to Browse Notes Downloadable File

February 26, 2014

We strive to provide a comprehensive set of information to assist you in your investment analysis and be responsive to your feedback to continuously improve your experience with our platform. Recently, we’ve received requests to augment and improve our Browse Notes downloadable file, which led us to create the new version we have now made available.

The additional data includes loan details and status, third-party reported credit attributes, and information reported by the borrower. This detailed information can be downloaded by logged in users from any page of our Browse Notes section by clicking on the “Download All” link on the bottom right corner of the page.

Clicking this link will automatically create a CSV file, which you can view with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications to help you in quickly identify Notes that meet your investment criteria.

Changes to the file include the addition of the following twelve credit attributes:

Browse Notes Column Header Definition
acc_open_past_24mths Number of accounts opened in past 24 months
bc_open_to_buy Total open to buy on revolving bankcards
percent_bc_gt_75 Percentage of all bankcard accounts > 75% of limit
bc_util Ratio of total current balance of high credit/credit limit for all bankcard accounts
mths_since_recent_inq Months since most recent inquiry
mths_since_recent_loan_delinq Months since most recent personal finance delinquency
mths_since_recent_revol_delinq Months since most recent revolving delinquency
mths_since_recent_bc Months since most recent bankcard account opened
mort_acc Number of mortgage accounts
pub_rec_gt_100 Number of public record and account line derogatory items greater than $100
total_bal_ex_mort Total current balance of all accounts, excluding mortgage
total_bc_limit Total bankcard high credit/credit limit


Other attributes we’ve added to the file are the loans’ APR, loan listing URL, loan description, loan title, expected default rate, and service fee rate.

We also did some spring cleaning on the downloadable file, removing data fields that were redundant, deprecated, or just simple calculations of existing fields.

Lastly, the layout of the file has changed – so to ease the transition we’re making the previous file format available via this link until June 15, 2012, after which we will retire it.

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions at

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