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Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is now 104 years old, and what women have accomplished since 1914 is worth taking a moment to celebrate!

Since the first International Women’s Day, women in the US have gained the right to vote (1920), accessed credit without a father or husband (1974), and protected themselves from unequal pay (2009). And that’s just scratching the surface.

The US has come such a long way!

Equal access to financial resources helps everyone

LendingClub believes that everyone should have access to the same financial information, education, and resources! We believe that all ships rise together, and when we invest in each other, we’re all better off. There are plenty of studies that demonstrate that.

It’s worth noting that the Equal Credit Opportunity Act was ratified in 1974 because, at that time, traditional finance companies didn’t give equal access to the people they served, particularly when people didn’t have access to capital.

LendingClub was created because there was a need

Although equal access to credit has improved greatly since that time, there are still gaps to fill. That’s why LendingClub started as a peer-to-peer lending platform with a mission to improve access to money and investment opportunities for everyone.

If you have a great track record with your credit but no collateral (like a house), accessing the money you need to get ahead through traditional means like a “brick and mortar” bank or credit union could be really difficult. In fact, sometimes it’s a non-starter. We’ve all heard the idiom “it takes money to make money”—and if you happen to start out with less, that could make things a lot harder.

We’re proud of our unbiased platform

In the truest spirit of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act passed in 1974, our platform literally does not register your gender (or race, disability status, country of origin, etc.). The only thing that matters is your track record with your credit and finances. And we think that’s a good thing.1

Women have faced unique challenges in the world of personal finance: they tend to have lower incomes, higher debt, and lower rates of financial literacy than male counterparts. But did you know that on average, women have higher credit scores?2

That’s another reason why LendingClub is thrilled to offer access to financial services for everyone striving to succeed, to create more opportunities for all.

Stay tuned for more about women and finance during Women’s History Month!

Want to improve your finance know-how?

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