3 Easy Steps to Start a Successful Home Improvement

May 11, 2017

Whether you want to update your kitchen or build a new deck, now is the time for home improvement projects.

While keeping safety and necessity at the forefront, it’s smart to consider your home improvement’s potential impact on resale value. Talking to a local real estate agent can give you a sense of home improvement projects with the highest return on investment in your area.

Here’s how to kick off a successful home improvement project in three steps:

  1. Think through it
  2. The first step is to think through what you love to do at home and what you’d love to be able to do more of. What will have the best overall impact for you and your family?

  3. Determine your budget
  4. Step two is to determine your budget and financing plan. Financing home improvements can be intimidating, but paying your project doesn’t have to be a pain. Personal loans offer a flexible solution to costs that have variable expenses. Plus, paying up front can save you. Many contractors will give you a discount if you pay a lump sum rather than installments.

    Here’s how to plan your budget:

    • Estimate what home improvement projects on your list could cost.
    • It’s a good rule of thumb to plan for some bumps in the road, especially if you’re considering a big project.

    • Check your rates on potential loans.
    • This doesn’t impact your credit score and there is no obligation. This step is about weighing your financing options.

    • Apply for the loan that best fits your home improvement and financial goals.


  5. Get inspired

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To help you get inspired, to make the most of this summer, here are the top indoor and outdoor home improvements to get done while the weather is on your side.

Indoor Projects:

  • Air conditioning and heating – Start now and to stay cool later this summer and warm this winter.
  • Kitchen and bathroom updates – Transform daily routines into rituals.
  • Plumbing and electrical – Avoid potential costs and dangers with a timely upgrade.
  • Flooring and interior decorating – Transform the overall look and feel of your home to reflect your style.
  • Home gym – Let’s face it. For some of us, if we don’t have one, we’re not going!

Outdoor Projects:

  • Swimming pool and spa – If you’ve always been thinking about it, summer is the time to take the plunge. And you don’t have to dip into your savings to finance it.
  • Landscaping – Backyard, front yard, drought tolerance, tree planting… green. Whether it’s your front yard or the backyard, green spaces are a breath of fresh air, and help us peel away from our screens.
  • Roofing – Did you know it’s recommended to replace your roof every 20 years? Take advantage of the dry weather to make important updates.
  • Deck or porch – Extend the social space of your home with a deck or porch. They’re perfect for warm evenings and indoor/outdoor entertaining, especially with a new grill.
  • Outdoor furniture, lighting, and heat – This is a quick project! You’ll be much more likely to use the space you already have with furniture that you like (and that hasn’t been sitting in the rain for one too many seasons).make the most of your outdoor space by making it welcoming.
  • Green improvements – Investing in solar energy can offset your carbon emissions – and your energy bill. Be sure to check on federal and local incentives for these type of projects. You could save even more!

Thinking about the cost per use over time—and the pure joy it will bring you and your loved ones—can help you figure out the best investment for your budget.

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