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12 Personal Finance Blogs to Get You Out of Debt

If you don’t think the first week of the year is a tough one, you must be from another planet.  After all the celebrating, gifting, shopping, overindulging and family gathering, you can’t but experience a rude awakening once you are back to “normal”.  Financial realities hit you the hardest this week, especially if you were already in debt before the holidays.

The good news is, consumers are becoming savvy financially and committing themselves to getting out of debt.   More than ever, resources are readily available for individuals to make the right decisions around managing debt.  Companies like Lending Club, MintPerkstreet Financial, SmartyPig and CreditKarma are leading the way in providing innovative products to help you manage credit score, track budget, pay off debt and live debt free.

In addition to innovative financial products, an unprecedented amount of personal finance advice is accessible via blogs and traditional media.  In the spirit of the Shred Your Credit Card contest, the following 12 blogs stand out as extraordinary resources to help you out of debt by providing timely, relevant and useful content and tools to get you ahead of it.

We took the liberty to select 3 articles that represent the best get-out-of-debt advice from each blogger.  Enjoy:

Bible Money Matters

To Debt Snowball or Debt Avalanche, That Is The Question

A Biblical Look At Debt

Pay Off All Debt Using The Debt Snowball

Consumerism Commentary

The Correct Way to Pay Off Personal Debt: The Debt Avalanche

The 5 Worst Forms of Debt

How Debt Settlements Affect Credit History

Damon Day

Most of My Articles are about Debt Settlement – Why?

Freedom debt relief says upfront fees help consumers-I say Bullshit-What say you?

Don’t Call a Debt Settlement Company for Financial Advice, Craigslist Exposes Why

Debt Free Adventure

Help With Debt – Which Loan do I Pay First

Debt Plan – Facing Bankruptcy & Foreclosure

You Always Have Options

Debt Kid

Consumers rue their debt decisions prior to recession

Will that be cash or credit?

Bringing Debt Into a Marriage

Enemy of Debt

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (In Debt Edition)

Defensive Measures for a Deliberate Media Attack on Personal Finances

Teaching Kids About Money

Free From Broke

Sure-Fire Tips To Renegotiating Your Credit Card Debt

Too Much Debt? 5 Steps To Pay Off Your Debt

A Goal Based Approach To Debt Management

Get Out Of Debt Guy

The Honest and Unvarnished Truth About How to Get Out of Debt

Easy Financing? Consumers, Beware!

The Best Day of the Week to Apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan

Man vs. Debt

“Debt Comes Calling” – A Fictional Short Story

Too Much Credit: A Stunning Graphic on Personal Loans & Credit Cards

Paying Off A Decade of Debt: A Reader Success Story

One Money Design

Should You Work with a Debt Settlement Company?

Get Out of Debt: Common Characteristics of Those Who are Successful

Live Debt Free – Avoid the Stress of Debt

PT Money

Tame the Beast: Legally Eliminate Credit Card Debt

A Plan to Be Debt Free

Excessive Credit Card Debt: How Much is Too Much?

The Digerati Life

The Debt Snowball from Dave Ramsey: FAQ

Get Rid Of Your Debt With These Debt Defying Strategies

Use A Debt Consolidation Calculator, See How To Erase Debt Faster

If you enjoyed this list, check out the Top 100 Personal Finance Micro-bloggers of 2010.

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A Goal Based Approach To Debt Management

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