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Retailers Pushing Frugality

Given the state of the economy, it should come as no surprise that many retailers have chosen to position themselves with a frugal theme, a trend they began during this holiday season. Some efforts are subtler than others, but all push the idea of doing more with less.

That phrase “doing more with less” is actually the theme in a series of Target commercials that have seen a lot of airtime recently. The ads feature the song More Where That Came From by Dolly Parton and contrast what you get more of and how it costs less.

The first ad features these comparisons, with appropriate images:
More Yummy, Less Money
More Natural, Less Nickel
More Purr, Less Purse
More Bottom, Less Dollar

The second ad continues the theme with these comparisons:
More Dinner, Less Dollar
More Soft, Less Cents
More Splash, Less Cash
More Bread, Less Dough

The third ad compares:
More Cats, Less Coin
More Bulbs, Less Buck
More Cheer, Less Ching
More Slice, Less Price

Personal finances are on the minds of most consumers at this point. Advertisers realize this and are wisely looking to appeal to the frugal side of their potential customers. While the Target ads hit the appropriate mark, others fail in their attempts to market thriftiness. Gift-wrapping an Accura instead of a Lexus may save you money, but it shouldn’t be considered frugal behavior. Spotting the differences between ads that inspire you to save money versus those that get you to spend more will be an important part of surviving the current crisis.

Has the shift towards frugality in advertising influenced your spending decisions?

Thursday, January 15th, 2009 at 6:36 am

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