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5 Reasons Running Makes You Sexy, Wealthy and Healthy

I love to run… Well, sort of.

You see, running itself is not all that enjoyable. Dodging cars in an urban environment might have something to do with it. It’s the “runners high” that keeps me coming back for more, and the more I write about personal finance the more I realize: Successful personal finance is very similar to successful running.

Look at the similarities:

1. Running Makes You Sexy

Being smart with your money is sexy, but a maxed out credit card? Not sexy. A lean body, like a lean budget… that’s sexy.

2. Running Requires Discipline

Once-a-month runners aren’t runners. Once-a-month frugal spenders aren’t frugal. Just like successful running, successfully managing your finances requires discipline. Just like runners will say “no” to that tasty looking piece of cake, successful management of your money means consistently saying “no” to frivolous purchases and other such money blunders.

3. Running Has Big Payoffs

The benefits of running are many. At the end of a good run you may be exhausted, but you feel great. Numerous studies have shown that exercise is as good for beating depression as any pill.

The payoffs of managing your finances smartly are equally as rewarding. Do you want to build up a nest-egg to retire early? Awesome. Start now. Are you looking to save up enough to start your own business? Great, go for it. How about buying a nice home with 20% down when all your friends are still renting? Now we’re talking!

4. Running Can Be Boring and Tedious

Sometimes running is boring… especially treadmill running (which IMHO, is not “real” running by the way). While sometimes tedious, longer are important to a running regimen.

Managing a budget, checking in on your investments, analyzing your credit card statement each month… it can all get a bit tedious, but it’s all critical to gaining an understanding of where your money goes each month. Luckily, services like Geezeo, Mint and Wesabe make managing the details of your finances easier than ever.

5. Running Requires Sacrifice

It’s raining… but you still go for a run. You’re tired, and yet still get up early to work out. Sacrifice. Sacrifice separates the dedicated from the wannabes. Are you willing to sacrifice now to achieve your goals in the future?

Not Just Running

Many of the examples above can apply to nearly any type of exercise. If you commit to being financially savvy, don’t be surprised if your waistline starts shrinking along with your spending!

Can you think of any other parallels between exercise and finance? Please share in the comments below!

Photo by lachlanhardy.

Thursday, August 14th, 2008 at 11:56 am

Comments (1)

  1. I like number 2: running requires discipline. In finance, being
    disciplined to save or invest is easy: heck it can even be
    automatic! I think the most important thing is to be consistent, no
    matter what you do, whether your goal is athletic or financial: so
    long as you do something consistently, the payoff will be great in
    the end. You can read more about my thoughts on the subject in my
    blog post entitled "http://www.btgnow.net/2008/08/consistency-good-for-your-health-and-your-money/dontfollow">
    Consistency: Good For Your Health And Your Money!

    August 14th, 2008 at 7:09 pm

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