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Our Billion Dollar Quarter

We’re excited to announce  that we’ve facilitated over $5 billion in consumer and business loans since inception, $1 billion in the last quarter alone! With this milestone, we’ve helped more than 362,000 borrowers, bringing us another step closer to achieving our goal of transforming the banking system to be more cost-efficient, transparent and consumer-friendly. Since facilitating our first loan in May 2007, we have more… Read More »

Is Lending Club Available in My State?

Is Lending Club available in my state? That is one of the most frequently asked questions from those thinking of borrowing or investing through Lending Club. Ultimately, we want residents… Read More »

5 Things Everyone Should Do Before a First Interview

After spending hours drafting your resume and filling out the online application for your dream job, your work finally pays off – *ring, ring.* You pick up the phone to… Read More »

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