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Patrick Dunne: A Message to Investors

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself – I’m Patrick, Chief Capital Officer at Lending Club. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with some of you since I joined the team a few months ago; I look forward to engaging with you all in the future. I wanted to provide an update on where Lending Club stands today, what we’re working on, and… Read More »

Line of Credit vs. Loan

Lines of credit (LOCs) and small business term loans are both powerful tools for managing finances and growth, but they are very differently structured and serve distinct needs. The best… Read More »

Types of Loans 101

There are many types of loans out there and figuring out which one fits your needs can be time-consuming and challenging. Mortgage loans, auto loans, student loans, secured loans, unsecured… Read More »


Types of Loans 101

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